NW Credit Management

NW Credit Management

Norman Waterhouse has a proud 100 year history of providing legal and collection services to South Australian Councils, individuals and businesses. In recent times, we have identified the need to provide a holistic solution, which has led to the evolution of NW Credit Management.

Our approach in encompassing both debt recovery and legal services enables us to utilise our experienced team to recover debts as quickly as possible. We strive to draw on our expertise to prevent recoveries escalating to legal proceedings where possible.

NW Credit Management see the bigger picture and understand the range of financial, legal and political issues that continue to impact South Australian Councils and businesses daily.

As a longstanding partner to local government, Norman Waterhouse are proud to launch NW Credit Management.

About Us

NW Credit Management is included on the Local Government Association Procurement’s Debt Collection Services Panel arrangement for supply to Local Government and other eligible entities in South Australia. We understand the sensitivities facing Councils in the area of debt recovery and ensure tangible outcomes are achieved for both our clients and their stakeholders in the wider community. Our longstanding relationship with local government provides us with an already prior understanding as to how Councils operate and enables us to address each client’s unique situation.

Our Commercial & Property Team have extensive experience and a successful record in resolving disputes for private commercial entities in Federal and State Courts. Our objective, when appropriate, is to resolve your dispute without the need to commence legal proceedings in a timely and cost efficient manner. Although a strategic resolution is our main objective for you, our team is well experienced to undertake all types of commercial legal disputes by using the various Courts’ efficiently. We will ensure to be prompt and forceful in the protection of your business’ interests.

We believe our capability and commitment for 100 years is without peer. Our established relationships demonstrate the quality of our service and our strong customer service focus.

Why choose NW Credit Management?

Why choose NW Credit Management?

At NW Credit Management, we understand the complex nature in which Councils and businesses must operate on a day to day basis. We take into account the many stakeholders that bear influence on day to day operations and decision making, and the significant role ratepayers play within the Council’s community. We ensure clients have real time file access as we employ innovative technology which also allows for custom reporting. Given our established history in providing quality legal services and creating a seamless process for our clients, we are able to provide a full suite of debt collection services from initial communication with debtors, right through to the sale of assets to enforce judgments and any future legal proceedings.

Our Team

The NW Credit Management team are dedicated to providing high quality debt collection services and is led by Paul Kelly, Director and Thomas Burke and Vas Marinos, Operations Managers.

Paul Kelly

Paul has extensive experience in providing advice to metropolitan and regional councils in respect of their rights and powers pursuant to section 184 of the Local Government Act 1999. Acting exclusively for local government clients, Paul maintains strategic relationships with all relevant stakeholders operating in the local government sector. With almost 20 years experience in servicing public authorities including the sale of assets, general debt collection and litigation, Paul is sensitive to the specific needs of local governments and is always mindful of the need to preserve the sound relationship between Councils and residents wherever possible. In particular, Paul’s specialist expertise is often called upon to provide advice to local governments on the options available to successfully recover outstanding debts in situations involving complex disputes.

Thomas Burke

Thomas has acted for a wide range of clients in various industries to collect debts and in particular state government departments and statutory authorities. Thomas has recent experience in managing a significant debt collection practice and has over 10 years experience in commercial litigation acting for secured and unsecured creditors and in this capacity, he has acted for major South Australian and Northern Territory government departments, statutory authorities, a multinational financial services company and a number of major Australian banks. This experience has enabled him to confidently lead teams of account managers in the successful recovery of debts, and to grasp a sound understanding of all facets to the operation involving the management of debt recoveries and credit management in a broad range of industries.

Vas Marinos

Vas has approximately 14 years of experience in debt recovery services, as well as commercial litigation experience (including bankruptcy and Corporate Insolvency) in various State and Federal Courts for the private sector. In this time, he has developed a strong reputation as a successful commercial litigator and a highly regarded problem solver. With a proven record of success in all facets of small and large litigation, Vas provides concise and effective advice to ensure that you receive the best outcome, and his 10 year membership with the Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association reflects this. As a part of his commercial litigation experience, Vas has practiced in a variety of matters including but not limited to, contractual and property disputes, trust disputes, debt recovery, bankruptcy, insolvency, injunctions, negligence and fraud.

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